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Red Team: de iniciante a ninja em 2 dias

Instructor: Ygor da Rocha Parreira & Filipe Balestra & Pacote Loko

Total seats: 20

Vacancies: 0

Minimum Required: 8

Duration: 16 horas

Date: 23 e 24 de outubro de 2017

Bring your own Laptop: Sim

Language: Português

Investment: R$ 1100,00




UEFI BIOS holes: So Much Magic, Dont Come Inside
Betraying the BIOS: Where the Guardians of the BIOS are Failing
Hacks & Case Studies: Cellular Devices
Deixem a criptografia em paz!
Hacking Smart Home Devices
Introducao a Virtualizacao
Utilizando Inteligencia Artificial para Atacar Aplicacoes Web
Parasite OS
Introduction to data mining using tracing and profiling tools
DIYBio community helping SUS
Um overview sobre as bases das falhas de desserializacao nativa na JVM
Cripto Hardware com FPGA, como ir de do 0 ao 1
50 Shades of Visual Studio
Medical records black market value
Penetration Testing in DevOps Environments
Porosity A Decompiler For BlockchainBased Smart Contracts Bytecode
Keynote: Your Ideas Are Worthless
Keynote: Where is my identity?
Software attacks on different type of system firmware: arm vs x86
Firmware is the new Black: Analyzing Past Three Years of BIOS&UEFI Security Vulnerabilities
Content Security Policy: Is It Dead Yet?
Keynote: Attacks on encrypted memory: Beyond the single bit conditionals
Deobfuscating malware with logic: The use of SMT solvers in the IT Security
Hacking ultrasound machines for fun and profit
PenTest: Evolution and Tricks



The use of "hacker" to mean "security breaker" is a confusion on the part of the mass media. We hackers refuse to recognize that meaning, and continue using the word to mean, "Someone who loves to program and enjoys being clever about it".

Richard Stallman